Rick's Race Car Progress Page

On this page you'll see the progress of the newly rebuilt Altered. This is the easiest way to show everyone without emailing all of these pictures...

New picts: 10-29






New picts: 09-30







Now for some paint... I'll take better ones outside later...



New Pics:

Took a few pictures over Thanksgiving so I thought I would put up some new pics...

Got a few things done: 



That's it. Time to mount the radiator, fuel cell, electronics, and get it running now. Almost there...

Old Pictures:

I tore down the old car to the bare chassis and completely stripped all of the old bullshit off it. Then cut out any bad tubing and had the chassis sandblasted. Most anything that has black primer on it has been fixed or replaced with new tubing to bring it up to spec.

I will post more pictures as I get things done to it...

Front Shot

Here is a shot from the front showing most of the car...

New Stuff:

Front Motor Plate

We added a new front motor plate thanks to Mike..
Also a new Griffen Radiator to keep it cooled down and a Harwood Fuel Cell...

Side Shot

This view shows the new Rear wheels and 16/33 tires. You can also see the mock-up seat I am working on for the seat. The next project to finish is in the background... The Vega has all of the frame work done, I just need to do the front suspension, sheet metal, and then all of the little trinket stuff. The Altered is a lot easier so I will finish this first.

Rear Motor View

This one just shows the new motor plate/firewall combo. The body lays down on the top of this to create the firewall. It still needs just a little bit more work, but you get the idea... I also rebuilt the steering box. It's a lot smoother now.

New Dana 60 Rear

I was going to reuse the old 8-3/4 rear but the local guys who cuts the rear ends down for us talked me into building a new Dana. Moser Axles/Spool with 4:56 Gears. Chrysler 11-1/2 discs from a 74 Imperial work nicely... Still needs a bit more mounting work yet to strengthen it up.

Driver View

Here you get to see the new steering wheel, powerglide and a little better view of the seat. 


More Later....